At ASISOFT, we work with clients across the world on making their everyday a little better, smoother and more profitable. We have development experience with almost all types of software projects: financial, logistics, manufacturing and production, tracking and inventory, reporting, web, mobile. Our core services are as follows:

Industrial Automation


We deliver cost-effective, custom solutions for a wide array of basic and complex industrial applications, each engineered for enhanced precision, repeatability, and ruggedness.

Our flexible designs enable quick customization for most potential applications. As a result, users benefit from increased throughput and improved production of high-value products at lower costs.

Our solutions help industrial organizations better manage their facilities and improve operational efficiency, safety and security. Measurement and control products, along with software solutions and open interfaces for data access.

ASISOFT's advanced software solutions allows easy implementation of multivariable control and optimization strategies, and provides safe control of complex industrial processes.