ASISOFT team is working closely with the Global Engineering Services department of Honeywell Romania and has the following activities:

Our team implements engineering solutions monitored by engineers from GES department in order to offer control, safety, HMI and hardware design from various processes and projects in the indrustries held by Oil & Gas, refining, petrochemicals, life sciences, pharmaceuticals, specialty chemicals, etc.

ASISOFT is an active participant on the project’s phases: kick off meetings, internal FATs, FATs, SATs, Commissioning and start-up.

Our team is also involved in the project management queue, handling non-technical tasks of EMEA projects.

Project: NAMUR Tools

Analysis on standardization of the automation processes for the chemical, pharmaceutical and petrochemical industries including engineering companies.

  • Collaborative effort between Yokogawa, Siemens, ABB, Wago to implement proof of concept for NAMUR’s NE148 and NE150 recommendations
  • Pilot project for data transfer using NAMUR’s NE150 data container with Evonik
  • Module Type Package import project for graphic and communication data

Project: Oprex myProject

A Web application that can run on multiple browsers which will facilitate the work of engineers and project managers.

  • This application was created to ease the engineers and managers working flows, and also for the need of an openness regarding the tasks the engineer is handling, including the moments in which he/she encounters and issue which should be kept track of.
  • The manager will create a project which will reflect the work of the people involved. The project will have a tracking feature which will keep the issues and the solutions that the people working on the project will encounter.
  • The first version of this application was developed in MVC 4, but because it was necessary for the application to be faster, more flexible and more user friendly the application was migrated to ASP.CORE.
  • Increased productivity of both field engineers and managers by moving all the work from Excel files to a powerful tool.

Project: Management of Change

Primary scopes: maintain integrity among deliverables and mitigate risks originated in implementing changes in engineering projects.

  • Client server architecture with offline operating capabilities
  • Authentication and authorization, user notification system
  • Workflow for changes implementation
  • Client data synchronization
  • Logging and reporting

Graphic Comparison Tools

Object Name Overwrite Module

Parse xaml format graphic files in order to assign unique names to objects for comparison purposes.

Graphic Comparison Module

Compare xaml format graphic files, display differences and store reported items as packages with all data.

Link Parts Mapping Module

Extract and create reports on specific template objects used in xaml format graphic files.

Project: Symbol Manager

Solution designed to manage the symbols used in engineering processes drawings (particular descriptive format).

  • Edit module: retrieve the symbols library and offer edit capabilities for each one
  • Merge module: aggregate symbols from two different libraries
  • Compare module: report differences found in two different libraries
  • Convert module: replaces symbol definitions from a project with another library

Project: Yokogawa Global Engineering Tool

A Windows application that can run on multiple clients using a centralized database or a local database. Automates system engineering operations through database engineering.

  • Manages / handles revision and integrity of the customer-supplied instrument databases
  • Performs mass-generation / editing of the system configuration based on customer-approved typicals and instrument database
  • Generate Control Drawings / Safety Logics based on defined logic templates (typicals)
  • Update configuration based on changes in the Taglist (structured data)
  • Used within 80% of Yokogawa’s branches worlwide
  • Increased productivity with more than 60% by minimising project implementation time

Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5

  • VB.Net
  • ADO.Net (Database handling), MS SQL Server, MS Access
  • Regular Expression (Input validation)
  • Design Patterns (
  • ASP.NET (Website)
  • OLE Interface (Interface for CS3000)
  • WPF Xaml Centum VP
  • Database architecture, collaboration ports architecture and implementation, testing procedures and documentation
Monthly QA report
  • Bug overview by CoP Members
  • Bug overview by automatic email
Quality of software
  • First GTD member creates design, implementation
  • Other GTD member test (functional, code review)
  • For release all GTD members test functional yGet
  • Tool to analyze all source code on various items
  • Performance
  • Naming convention
  • Design rules
  • Globalization rules
  • Development of business and data access components in VB.NET utilizing ADO.NET transaction management
  • Development of custom User Controls providing code reuse and ability to inherit complex UI
  • Design and configuration modifications as needed to users requests
New development items
  • Discussing within CoP Meeting.
  • System changes (Centum VP / Prosafe RS).
Planning for a 4-8 weeks period
  • New development items
  • Change requests
  • Bug fix
High priority bug fix are immediately handled
  • Reported by bug Tracker
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Active involvement in all aspects of system design
Using collaborative tools
  • MS Project
  • MS Team Server

Project: Localizer for VS.NET Projects

A Windows desktop application which automates localizing of various .NET project types (class libraries, web sites, console applications and more).


Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0

  • C#
  • Entity Framework, ADO.Net (Database handling), MS SQL Server
  • LINQ, Regular Expressions
  • Design Patterns (
It is a 2-part project
  • A VS 2010 plugin as the operating UI for the developer, used as a helper for detecting and marking localizable text from various source file types
  • A console application controlled by the VS plugin, which is parsing the sources for text extraction and maintaining a database with these contents
  • The extracted contents are sent periodically to a proprietary online translation framework in order to get equivalent multi-language translations
  • The received translations are saved into the database for later use and for updating the project source files and related resource files
  • The result is a fully valid localized project, ready to be built

Project: Imobmanager Software

Easy way to introduce, manage and update real estate classifieds. Administration account for multiple users on levels of access.

  • Publishes the classified ads instantly on the entire network of websites
  • Reports on each classified ad
  • Methods of payment: Wire & Online payment

Project: Titirez portals host real-estate agencies offers and services and they represent a meeting point between them and their clients. portals include an advertising network, e-platforms concentrating on Bucharest and 30 main counties in all Romania.

Build the biggest network that will cover national websites and niche sites for local markets and specific types of properties, which in the present is levering to 9 national websites and 5 niche sites already developed, having at the present 20.000 UNIQUES VISITORS PER DAY traffic.

Project: iSpider

Multithreading crawler with synchronized processes – iSpider – a crawler process scans the websites and gathers all real estate ads in order to accomplish a database.

  • A second thread of the crawler loads each ads page and copies the html source from the website. Thus the necessary information is extracted in order to accomplish the requirements for the real estate database using regular expressions.
  • Rescue in the database is managed by a WCF service, hosted in a windows service. There is also a manager process which controls scheduling, geographic area for which the crawler is activated and enables activation / deactivation of individual / collective of the crawling processes.