Projects v3

Project: NAMUR Tools

Analysis on standardization of the automation processes for the chemical, pharmaceutical and petrochemical industries including engineering companies.

  • Collaborative effort between Yokogawa, Siemens, ABB, Wago to implement proof of concept for NAMUR’s NE148 and NE150 recommendations
  • Pilot project for data transfer using NAMUR’s NE150 data container with Evonik
  • Module Type Package import project for graphic and communication data

Project: Management of Change

Primary scopes: maintain integrity among deliverables and mitigate risks originated in implementing changes in engineering projects.

  • Client server architecture with offline operating capabilities
  • Authentication and authorization, user notification system
  • Workflow for changes implementation
  • Client data synchronization
  • Logging and reporting

Graphic Comparison Tools

Project: Symbol Manager

Solution designed to manage the symbols used in engineering processes drawings (particular descriptive format).

  • Edit module: retrieve the symbols library and offer edit capabilities for each one
  • Merge module: aggregate symbols from two different libraries
  • Compare module: report differences found in two different libraries
  • Convert module: replaces symbol definitions from a project with another library

Project: Yokogawa Global Engineering Tool

A Windows application that can run on multiple clients using a centralized database or a local database. Automates system engineering operations through database engineering.

  • Manages / handles revision and integrity of the customer-supplied instrument databases
  • Performs mass-generation / editing of the system configuration based on customer-approved typicals and instrument database
  • Generate Control Drawings / Safety Logics based on defined logic templates (typicals)
  • Update configuration based on changes in the Taglist (structured data)
  • Client: Yokogawa
  • Team size: 5
  • Used within 80% of Yokogawa's branches worlwide
  • Increased productivity with more than 60% by minimising project implementation time
Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5
  • VB.Net
  • ADO.Net (Database handling), MS SQL Server, MS Access
  • Regular Expression (Input validation)
  • Design Patterns (
  • ASP.NET (Website)
  • OLE Interface (Interface for CS3000)
  • WPF <-> Xaml <-> Centum VP
  • Database architecture, collaboration ports architecture and implementation, testing procedures and documentation
Monthly QA report
  • Bug overview by CoP Members
  • Bug overview by automatic email
Quality of software
  • First GTD member creates design, implementation
  • Other GTD member test (functional, code review)
  • For release all GTD members test functional yGet
  • Tool to analyze all source code on various items
  • Performance
  • Naming convention
  • Design rules
  • Globalization rules
  • Development of business and data access components in VB.NET utilizing ADO.NET transaction management
  • Development of custom User Controls providing code reuse and ability to inherit complex UI
  • Design and configuration modifications as needed to users requests
New development items
  • Discussing within CoP Meeting.
  • System changes (Centum VP / Prosafe RS).
Planning for a 4-8 weeks period
  • New development items
  • Change requests
  • Bug fix
High priority bug fix are immediately handled
  • Reported by bug Tracker
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Active involvement in all aspects of system design
Using collaborative tools
  • MS Project
  • MS Team Server

Project: Localizer for VS.NET Projects

A Windows desktop application which automates localizing of various .NET project types (class libraries, web sites, console applications and more).

It is a 2-part project
  • A VS 2010 plugin as the operating UI for the developer, used as a helper for detecting and marking localizable text from various source file types
  • A console application controlled by the VS plugin, which is parsing the sources for text extraction and maintaining a database with these contents
  • The extracted contents are sent periodically to a proprietary online translation framework in order to get equivalent multi-language translations
  • The received translations are saved into the database for later use and for updating the project source files and related resource files
  • The result is a fully valid localized project, ready to be built
Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0
  • C#
  • Entity Framework, ADO.Net (Database handling), MS SQL Server
  • LINQ, Regular Expressions
  • Design Patterns (

Project: Imobmanager Software

Easy way to introduce, manage and update real estate classifieds. Administration account for multiple users on levels of access.

  • Publishes the classified ads instantly on the entire network of websites
  • Reports on each classified ad
  • Methods of payment: Wire & Online payment